Squamish Pediatrics

Contact & appointment information

This is the office of Dr. Jennifer Carlisle, general pediatrician, Dr. Erin Coates, general pediatrician & Dr. Rebecca Sherlock, neonatologist.

Julia and Rosie are our medical office assistants who coordinate all the referrals, bookings and follow ups. Julia will be available during office hours. For any questions you can contact Julia by phone, text message or email. 

Practice update - Dr. Olivier has closed her practice, previous patients of Dr. Olivier have been referred back to their primary care team. 

Dr. Erin Coates will be joining Squamish Pediatrics in winter 2024/2025 after returning from her maternity leave. 

To be able to provide ongoing pediatric care for medical patients due to the limited number of pediatricians currently we will be closing our waitlist for mental health and developmental consultations for school age children effective November 6, 2023. 

We will be reassessing when we can open our developmental/mental health waitlist in fall 2024. In the long term Squamish Pediatrics is committed to providing comprehensive pediatric care for patients living in the Sea to Sky corridor with medical, mental health and developmental needs. We will re-open our waitlist as soon as possible if we can recruit a new pediatrician to join our team.  

In the interim, for patients needing mental health care please self refer to your local child youth mental health team. There is psychiatric and/or adolescent medicine support available for patients connected to child youth mental health teams. Find your local office here: Child & Youth Mental Health - Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca) . For patients ages 12 and older you can self refer to the Foundry for counselling & peer support - https://www.foundryseatosky.com/

Phone/text message: 778-733-0150

* Office hours are 8 am - 3 pm Monday-Thursday, (closed for lunch from 11-11:30).  On Friday office hours 8-11:30.

*Voicemails can be left outside office hours

Fax: 236 262 5959

Email: squamishpediatrics@gmail.com - for existing patients only who have completed the virtual care consent form

Clinic address: Diamond Head Medical Clinic - Suit 201 - 37989 Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, BC, V8B 0C1 

Booking new appointments

Once your family doctor or other health care provider has sent a referral, our medical office secretary Julia or Rosie will contact you to arrange an appointment time. Appointment information will be sent from < no-reply@cognisantmd.com > . If you don't receive an email after booking, check your spam box. 

Booking follow up appointments

If a follow up appointment is required, you and your doctor will decide a follow up timeline together. 

If you require a sooner follow up appointment, the first step is to contact your primary care provider. After each appointment the plan is shared with them so they will be able to help you as well. Your primary care provider remains an important member of your health care team. If they feel a sooner appointment is needed, then they will ask for an expedited follow up. 

*Diamond Head medical clinic staff don't have access to our booking system - our office needs to be contacted for appointment bookings

Cancelling & Rescheduling appointments

Attending in person appointments

*New March 1st, 2023* To accommodate more pediatricians, we needed more space. We have moved from the Squamish Medical clinic to the Diamond head clinic next door - 201 - 37989 Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, BC 

Arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. Parking around the clinic can be limited. 

Attending video virtual appointments

Click this link 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time: your doctor will login at your appointment time and start the call. 

Dr. Jennifer Carlisle - https://doxy.me/drcarlisle  

Dr. Louisa Olivier - https://doxy.me/drlouisaolivier

Attending phone appointments

You will receive a phone call at your scheduled appointment time.

Intake forms

When your initial consultation is booked, you will be a sent an email with a link to a secure messaging platform "Ocean" to complete your consent & intake forms. 

Teacher intake forms

If we require intake information from the school as well, you will receive two emails after booking your appointment. Complete first the general intake forms, then once completed forward the second email to the school so they can complete their intake forms. 

If the teacher is unable to access the forms, you can send them these links to complete paper copies which can be emailed for faxed to clinic

Forms for teachers to complete for school age children (5-18 years old)

1) Teacher forms #1

2) Teacher forms #2 

Forms for teachers to complete for preschool age children (less than 5 years old)

1) Preschool teacher forms 

Clinic contact information

Phone: 778-733-0150

*Our office phone hours are 9am - 1pm Tuesday to Friday

*Voicemails can be left outside office hours

Email: squamishpediatrics@gmail.com